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Affiliate & Reseller Form

This form is for registration purpose only. You don't have to get authorization from us to resell our products. You can actually buy and sell as you will. However, an agent account will help you achieve better discount and more benefits including.

  • better discount rate up to 40% for non-bulk copies ordered
  • credit for your stocking order up to 2,500USD
  • Return/exchange for updated/unsold products
  • list on our website as authorized reseller

How much products do you expect to sell each month?

What kind of channel do you have (or to have)?

Website, please specify the web address:

Email list (opt-in only)
Magazine, Newsletters or other prints, please specify the titles: 

Local bookstore, store, business chamber 
Others, please specify 

Which market are you to be on?
World wide
Specified countries or areas, please specify below: 

Which language are you going to marketing in?
Specified languages, please specify below:

Which currency are you to accept?
US dollar, Euro 
Local or other currency, please specify below:

What kind of payment are you to accept?
Credit card, debt card 
Local non-standard card, gift card
Check, money order
Money transfer (western union, moneygram and etc)
Bank transfer
Other payment, please specify below:

How do you pay Intbit inc for your stocking order?
Credit card, debt card (you are required to fax us your card information before the first order being shipped)
Check, money order
Money transfer (western union, moneygram and etc)
Bank transfer
Others , please specify below:

Your Name:

Your business/company name:

Your job title:

Your Email Address: 

Your phone number: 

Your fax number: 

Your physical address: 




Zip code: 

Any comments?

You can print this form, complete it and fax it to 1-868-838-2619 or just click the "submit" button below.


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